BEMA newsletter, December 2022


The end of 2022 is fast approaching, and everyone at BEMA A/S would like to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year – and thank you for an interesting year marked by a high level of activity. We’re now looking to 2023 which, like all other new years, will present many challenges, delightful moments, and new opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to continuing to develop solutions and projects together with both new and long-standing customers.

The autumn has been a busy period, as we took part in several trade fairs. We value meeting our customers in this way, presenting products, and starting a dialogue. We’d like to thank everyone who came to see us at Foodtech, Ajour, and Elmia.

Our factory is busy completing the last projects for 2022. Everybody is working hard to dispatch the last customer orders, be they large or small, special solutions or standard stock components. However, no fun makes Jack a dull boy, as the saying goes, and this year, we’ve put up Christmas socks, resulting in many fine and fun presents from Father Christmas in December…

Fifteen trough conveyors for mineral-wool waste

Together with a customer, we have created a solution for conveying waste from a mineralwool production line. The total of fifteen screw conveyors with accompanying troughs are specially designed for a major factory renovation. BEMA did the construction and manufacture on the basis of an overall design layout.

The solution proves that we can assist with preparing a design layout, if this presents a problem. We have measuring equipment enabling us to make exact measurements and adapting even large-scale and complex solutions to a limited space. As a special feature, we’d like to highlight our 3D scanning camera, which we use to make a full-scale model of the area where the conveyor will be installed. The model ensures that the conveyors will not clash with existing equipment in the area.

Specialised screw flights including mounting

BEMA’s products often form part of a lengthy value chain along with our special competences. To give you an example, we’ve just designed a set of special screw flights in DUPLEX steel, mounted on a rotor shaft supplied by the customer. BEMA’s task was to construct the screw flights to match the customer’s specifications.

After producing the screw flights, we mounted them on the rotor shaft before returning it to the customer, who will handle the further processing required for their end product themselves.

BEMA A/S supplies separate screw flight components as often as we supply complete rotors. They form part of the customer’s own machines or systems to suit the needs of individual customers. A case like this one is based on major collaborative work with the customer, who have produced the rotor shafts themselves. We then mount the specially designed screw flights produced here at BEMA A/S.

Components – screw rotors and screw flights

BEMA supply total solutions – but we are also a proven supplier of all kinds of components. We have time-honoured experience of screw rotors and screw flights and we manage all the processes from design to finished product, which means that we can vouch for the final result.

One of our key competences is large screw flights measuring up to approx. Ø2500 in Hardox and other wear-resistant steel types. These are made from sandwich sheets that meet the requirements for applications sustaining heavy wear.

Our construction department makes specialised screw flights in all designs, which are then adapted to a given screw rotor. Exact flights save many workshop hours spent on adaptations during production – thus reducing costs! We are therefore constantly striving to improve our production of screw flights to ensure their correct dimension before welding them onto the shaft.

We also accept major projects where we assist with designing a layout for a complete conveyor system, which could include several screw conveyors in several different sizes according to requirements. In this way, we can match our customers’ needs as total suppliers of conveyor solutions for bulk or other materials.

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