BEMA newsletter, October 2022


Hope to see you at the trade fairs this autumn!

The autumn trade fair season is here, and we’ll take part in the following three:

Foodtech in Herning
1.-3. November 2022

Elmia Subcontractor in Sweden
15.-17. November 2022

Ajour in Odense
24.-25. November 2022

These are three trade fairs covering most of our business activities, and we hope to see both new and existing customers.

Meanwhile, we’d like to mention some of the exciting projects, we’ve been working on. Covering a wide area from supplying tanks to developing a complex solution for an ACTA bale opener.

Total delivery for the drinking-water industry

There are tough requirements for the equipment used in the drinking-water industry. The processing work must be second to none and the materials must meet the high hygiene standards essential when supplying clean drinking water to consumers.

We’ve produced four stainless-steel tanks for the water industry, and we’re proud of this total delivery of process equipment to an industry sector requiring such high-level standards. The tanks were produced to customer specifications and non-destructive testing (NDT) work was carried out by a specialist partner. This was a unique construction requiring, amongst much else, a solid work effort by our certified welders.

Upgrading major ACTA bale-opener solution

The recycling industry is expanding. Enormous quantities of PET bottles are being collected and converted into new plastic products, thus reducing the problems of waste in the natural environment and our consumption of natural resources. This requires specialised handling equipment, and BEMA has just supplied a full solution comprising a six-screw ACTA bale opener and a specially constructed conveyor system to continuously feed this powerful machine. The solution means that our – highly satisfied – customer has doubled their factory capacity.

The conveyor system consists of an almost fourteen-metre-long chain-driven metal-slat conveyor belt, extending upwards from floor level and dropping the compressed bales from a height of 4.2 metres into the ACTA infeed. Each bale measures 1,200 mm x 1,200 mm and weighs 450–600 kg.

The six-screw ACTA is an unbelievably powerful machine. Since the bale opener doesn’t use knives, the PET bottles are not broken or shredded in the process of opening the highly compressed bales. This is one of the prime advantages of an ACTA bale opener and means that the further sorting, washing, etc., of PET bottles will be simpler and more efficient.

It takes a powerful and sturdy machine to handle the compressed bales. The screws in an ACTA bale opener are linked via gears in a motorised set-up, which means that each screw is capable of operating with a torque level of almost 15,000 Nm to prise open the bales.

The machine is operated from a fully PLC-programmed control cabinet also constructed and supplied by BEMA.

The total solution is designed and produced by BEMA and had to be transported in two tightly packed forty-foot containers. We’re very proud of this turn key project, which significantly consolidates our reputation for efficient project management and our status as an entrusted supplier.

Components – sneglerotorer og vindinger

BEMA supplies total solutions – and is a reliable supplier of all types of components. With longstanding experience of screw rotors and flights, BEMA handles all processes from design to finished product, ensuring an optimal final result.

We supply a large assortment of flights. Moreover, our skilled technicians and production staff are always ready to produce specialised flights to suit your specific system.

Large flights of up to approx. Ø2500 in Hardox and other wear and abrasion resistant steel types are among our specialities. We use sandwich sheets which meet the requirements for applications requiring particularly tough wear resistance.

Our construction department makes specialised flights in any design adapted to specific screw rotors. Precision flights save many hours of workshop adaptation during the production process – thus reducing costs! We therefore work tirelessly to improve our flight production so that they will fit perfectly when welded onto the core barrel.

We produce rotors to order as well as stock. We supply identical rotors on a continual basis, and as all production data are updated on a current basis, you will always get a uniform product.

Contact us for enquiries about:

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