Screw conveyors

BEMA produces screw conveyors to convey all types of materials from extremely abrasive media to food products. We hold all the required certificates required to supply, among others, the food industry.

We have developed a proven production technology enabling us to produce screw flights capable of compensating for deviations between theoretical models and the actual product. Deviations occurring because the various steel types have different levels of ductility and resilience. This results in reliable rotors requiring a minimum of maintenance.

Screw loaders in a complete unit

BEMA has proven experience in the dimensioning of screw loaders providing conveying applications for many different purposes. We make a point of meticulous order processing.

The order can be based on a complete specification from the customer or it might be formulated as a proposed solution for a particular task.

We identify with the needs and expectations of customers and, working closely together, we produce the right solution. We install and run in the application – and assume full functional responsibility.

BEMA applications are always supplied complete with documentation on e.g. operational and maintenance instructions, safety drawings and parts lists.

When a number of applications are assembled to form a complete unit

BEMA is a serious collaborative partner in projects where our applications form a complete conveying and/ or processing unit. We have the physical framework to handle large projects and also the resources needed to manage long-term projects.

We realise the importance of giving a qualified professional response and of meeting the commercial requirements expected by the customer. A natural parameter we set ourselves is to have an empathic appreciation of the task and its importance for the total project.

As the project manager, you will contact us. Send us your drawings and commercial conditions.

We will assess, comment, and propose changes, if any. We are available for all technical and commercial discussions at your place. We estimate, calculate, and prepare a quote.

BEMA applications are manufactured in compliance with the Machinery Directive. Standard documentation includes incorporation declaration, maintenance guidelines, etc.

Powerful provider to all sectors

BEMA is an all-sector provider within industry, energy, and foodstuffs, including:

  • Power stations and sewage treatment plants where our screw conveyors are e.g. used to convey ash and sludge, highly abrasive materials, safely handled by screws rather than conveyor belts, pumps and similar.

  • Food companies dealing with meat, fish, and vegetables. Needless to say, we have the necessary certifications and approvals required for working with foodstuffs.

  • The offshore and raw materials industries.

  • Recycling where our applications are e.g. used to convey shredded tyres, electronics waste, and other materials.

We handle all tasks ranging from individual flights to complete turnkey solutions.

This is how we solve your task

From specification
  • Send specification or sketch on the application(s) you would like us to provide
  • We will send you a quotation – possibly including proposals for changes and preconditions
  • Effectuation of the order on your acceptance
  • Installation and running in of the application, if required, by BEMA’s supervisor/fitters
  • Provision of the required documentation on the application
BEMA proposes a solution
  • You contact us for the solution of a particular task
  • We will visit the proposed site for the application and make calculations for the plant, if required
  • Together, we prepare a proposed solution that meets your needs
  • We estimate, calculate, and prepare a quotation – perhaps including a drawing to give you an overview
  • On your acceptance, we prepare drawings as a base for further discussions and approval
  • The draughting process is concluded with a layout drawing
  • We will make a detail design and prepare for production
  • Installation and running in of the application if required, by BEMA’s supervisor/fitters
  • We are willing to assume full functional responsibility
  • Provision of the required documentation


Contact Ronny Bæk and find out more about BEMA’s solutions for screw conveyors.

Ronny Bæk


Screw-conveyor transport – a key function when conveying materials and media

BEMA has specialised in screw-conveyor transport solutions. Since our start in 1947, we have fine-tuned our competences in this area and BEMA is now among the leading suppliers of screw-conveyor applications. Efficient screw-conveyor transport solutions comprises a number of different components assembled to provide the customised solution required.

A screw-conveyor solution comprises several elements, including a screw-conveyor auger or several augers, screw-conveyor flights and often various kinds of process equipment. Screw-conveyor transport forms part of a number of different industrial solutions and is used to convey materials in many industrial sectors. Screw-conveyor transport is also part of our own special-application machines such as crushers, shredders, and bale openers from our ACTA range.

What does screw-conveyor transport mean in the various sectors?

A screw-conveyor solution is a mode of elevation transport dating back millennia. More precisely, to ancient Greece where the scientist and philosopher Archimedes invented a screw conveyor to elevate water in connection with irrigation. Today, this kind of elevating screw is known as an Archimedean screw.

This spectacular principle is used to convey granulated and liquidisable media in a multitude of sectors. Besides its transport function, a screw conveyor can perform various functions and it thus becomes an integral part of a total process application. BEMA can design, plan, and size these total conveying solutions with everything from augers, screw-conveyor housing, screw-conveyor flights, special flights to the entire set-up, including the various screw conveyor elements.

BEMA supplies screw conveyors to the food industry, screw conveyors to combined heat- and power plants (CHP plants) and utility companies, screw conveyors to the foodstuffs industry, and screw conveyors to the agricultural machine industry. Screw conveyors meet an important function in many industries and industrial sectors. Screw conveyors are commonly used in the fish-processing industry, bulk industry, wastewater treatment plants, engineering industry, cleaning systems for both wastewater treatment facilities and internally in enterprises and public institutions.

Which industries make use of the various types of screw conveyors?

Screw conveyors are solutions consisting of a screw conveyor auger, screw flights, and housing, all of it designed to meet customised requirements.

BEMA supplies screw conveyors in both ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel. BEMA is certified to supply the food industry. This industry have tough hygiene standards and the requirements for process equipment are generally extremely high. Screw conveyors used here are usually made of stainless steel and they are produced to specific standards in terms of joints and welded seams, leaving completely smooth surfaces. BEMA is ISO 9001 certified. Download the BEMA ISO 9001 certificate here:

fremstilling af sneglerotorer roterer til snegle snegletransport bema

Auger for screw conveyor with outer notching. This type of auger is used to mince and crush materials.

How many types of screw conveyors exist?

Screw conveyors are an integral part of applications in practically all industrial sectors – which is why there is a multitude of different screw conveyors used for general conveying of materials as well as for more complex applications in the process industry.

What exactly is meant by a metering/dosing and mixing screw conveyor?

A metering/dosing screw conveyor is a screw auger which will move, treat, process, knead, and mix a product. Afterwards, a metering screw conveyor can meter a specific amount of the product, which is then ready for further processing.

A metering/dosing screw conveyor will often be sized as a mixing screw conveyor to enable the material to be mixed, minced, or pulverised on its way through the conveyor. Afterwards, it is fed into the further process in specified doses. Mixing screw conveyors are often used in the food industry or feedstuffs applications which need to make uniform products from several ingredients.

A special type of equipment comprises the so-called ’decanter sets’ or decanter centrifuges where a large auger along with other elements in a tube create e.g. a two- or three-phase separation of media. These could be various kinds of fluidisable foods like milk and other fluidisable media. BEMA produces flight segments for this type of equipment.

What exactly does a screw-press conveyor do?

A screw-press conveyor is typically designed around a conical auger, pressing the medium forward in the screw conveyor, draining off any liquid. Screw-press conveyors are used in the food industry, foodstuffs factories, and wastewater treatment plants, and similar, processing media that require dewatering to enable the media to be either burnt, further processed, or used in other processes. This kind of screw conveyor is often reversible and has a counter function should the controls register excess load.

A crusher screw will crush a medium. They are e.g. used in ACTA crushers or other kinds of crushers/shredders and bale openers. They crush/shred gypsum, PET bottles, cardboard, and paper.

BEMA offers a test set-up of complete solutions.

What exactly does a mixing conveyor do?

A mixing conveyor is used when a medium needs to be stirred, minced, or kneaded on its way through the conveyor. Heat or cold can e.g. be added to the process so that e.g. cabbage or other foods are boiled or iced as they pass through this food screw conveyor. Contact BEMA to discuss your requirements for this type of screw conveyor, whether you need a cutting screw, ice screw conveyor, cooling screw conveyor, heating screw, soaking screw, or another kind of food screw conveyor. This type of screw conveyor is available in both carbon steel and stainless steel, making it applicable in any process in the food industry or primary industry.

What exactly is a screw conveyor for powders, granulates, or pellets?

Screw conveyors are often used to transport media in powder, granulate, or pellet form. Screw conveyors for powders are commonly used in the paint industry, the primary industry, and similar. Screw conveyors for granulates are used in the plastics industry and similar. Screw conveyors for pellets are e.g. used in the foodstuffs industry, as a grain screw conveyor, or to convey wooden pellet, etc. In the case of wooden pellets, they are used as both a screw-feed stoker in incineration plants, in extraction silos, and as screw conveyors in the actual production system.

A special medium is fly ash which is a by-product from CHP plants, waste incineration, etc. This is an extremely abrasive medium and it would be an obvious choice to use a screw conveyor with wear flights. Wear flights are produced in HARDOX 400 and HARDOX 500 steel grade and welded on the flights after production. This means that they can easily be replaced as spare parts.

Depending on the application, a decidedly heavy-duty screw conveyor could be selected, featuring added constructional strength and steel thickness.

What exactly are self-supporting screw conveyors and other types of screw conveyors?

Screw conveyors come with different types of screws. Self-supporting trough screw conveyors and self-supporting tube conveyors. These screw conveyors require no bracing but are self-supporting in lengths of up to 10 metres. Thus, comprehensive solutions can be designed at a reasonable price and, moreover, installation and maintenance costs will be lower. Screw conveyors work both vertically and horizontally. Screw-flight design and the auger itself will determine the capacity of individual screw conveyors and how they works relative to the medium to be conveyed.

How can BEMA provide consultancy and guidance services?

Since 1947, BEMA has proved its worth as supplier to industry and utility companies both in Denmark and on European and overseas export markets. BEMA is financially sound and has achieved a definitive profit, ensuring our future. BEMA has its own project and design departments with expert engineers and designers, enabling us to provide all kinds of screw-conveyor design solutions and complete screw-conveyor solutions on an in-house basis. BEMA supplies screw conveyors and professional consultancy services at competitive prices.

Contact BEMA’s sales department to plan a meeting. We can meet either in person or online to suit your needs. We offer comprehensive consultancy services in the field of screw conveyors and other kinds of auger-based transport of any kind of medium.