proven competences

BEMA produces and markets

  • Components and complete solutions for screw conveyors.
  • Steel process equipment.
  • Machines for crushing/shredding gypsum, insulation material, wood waste, and other types of waste.
  • Various custom-designed solutions.

About BEMA

BEMA A/S was established in 1947. For the past twenty years, we have specialised in screw conveyor technology and accumulated considerable know-how and practical skills, making us a leading actor in this field.

Further, we develop and produce stainless-steel process equipment and machines for crushing/shredding gypsum, plastic, insulation material, wood waste, and other types of waste.


If you need advice or guidance or if you wish to place an order, please contact us on:

Phone: +45 74 52 16 21


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Core competences

BEMA’s deliveries are characterised by complexity, quality, flexibility, and quick response.

Screw conveyors

Based on consultancy and analysis of individual customer requirements, BEMA develops, produces, and market components and complete solutions based on screw-conveyor technology.

Stainless-steel process equipment

All products are adapted to specific customer needs and developed in close collaboration with customers. This includes evaporators, heat exchangers, fluidisation beds, and similar.

Crushers / shredders

We consider it a core value to supply waste-handling and recycling enterprises with robust and reliable machines capable of crushing/shredding various materials.

Various custom-designed solutions

Over the years, BEMA has developed and produced numerous custom-designed solutions.