Process equipment

BEMA supplies stainless-steel process equipment. This includes evaporators, heat exchangers, fluidisation beds, bag filters, various types of tanks, flash-dryer systems, cyclones, and support structures, truss towers, wind-turbine stands, and ducts.

All products are specifically adapted to meet the needs of individual customers and designed in close consultation with customers.

Stainless-steel work is performed according to the Steel Performance schedule. Six steps take the project safely through the whole process from the initial customer needs analysis and concrete specification to the final production and commissioning.

procesudstyr inddamper varmeveksler bema

Evaporators are used for product concentration by a number of industries to facilitate transport handling or as the first stage in a drying process. The process is used for fruit or vegetable juices, for example, which are evaporated and transported in concentrate form.

We specialise in producing stainless-steel evaporators marketed under the Ferreo tradename. As we are approved suppliers to the food industry, our customers can rest assured that we comply with the extremely high standards of safety and hygiene regulating this industry.

Heat exchangers & pre-heaters

Stainless-steel heat exchangers, pre-heaters, and other temperature system elements are used for applications where durability and a minimum of maintenance is a must, but also for applications in abrasive environments where other materials would corrode or otherwise be inappropriate.

Our system for exploiting temperature differences in air, water, and other liquids is produced according to strict specifications developed in collaboration with customers. We supply whole systems as well as part elements for other solutions.

Specialised products

Over the years, we have developed and produced a number of customised stainless-steel solutions. These include fluid beds, drying chambers, cyclones, and pressurised tanks.

To reflect market trends, we have, in recent years, produced great numbers of specially designed truss towers and wind turbine platforms. For special requirements, please enquire. We are sure to be able to help you.


Contact Jørgen Strøm or Ronny Bæk and find out more about BEMA’s solutions for process equipment.


Ronny Bæk


Stainless-steel process equipment

As an expert in conveying solutions, BEMA has proven competences in the field of process equipment. Stainless-steel process equipment is a natural development relative to our auger solutions and screw-conveyor solutions in stainless steel. Special competences are required to work with stainless steel and we are able to exploit these special competences fully in both screw-conveyor solutions and process equipment for industry.

The process-equipment product programme consists of both classic products and special solutions for the industrial sector. The classic products, usually part of complex installations, could e.g. be tanks for storing liquids and other materials. This segment of the process-equipment product range also includes evaporators and heat exchangers. In addition to this, BEMA supplies more specialised products such as fluidisation beds, flash-dryer systems, cyclones, and pressurised tanks.

State-of-the-art product range

Since 1947, BEMA has produced a range of products which are now leaders in their categories in this field. Generally, BEMA’s screw conveyors and augers form part of conveying systems used for a number of materials and media and BEMA is ISO 9001 certified to supply the food industry. With ACTA crushers, shredders, and bale openers, we have added a new dimension to the utilities sector, the waste sector, and the entire recycling industry. BEMA’s screw conveyor flights are supplied worldwide both as component parts, individual flights, and as part of total solutions and projects. The simple but state-of the-art technique of screw conveying provide reliable solutions that run flawlessly for many years.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate here, if you would like to see further documentation.

Which types of process equipment does BEMA supply?

BEMA supplies many types of process equipment. Evaporators, stainless-steel containers, heat exchangers, and tanks form the core of the extensive product programme. Specialised tanks are part of many industrial processes and product systems. They are e.g. used for storage of process materials on their way through the production phase, as intermediate storage, and as buffers. Process equipment also forms part of total conveying systems including screw conveyors, silos with screw bottoms, or screw conveyors for cooking depending on the system of which the process equipment forms part.

Examples of process equipment include condensers, filters, pressure filters, and evaporators. Process equipment also forms part of conveying systems for materials in powder form common in the paint industry, primary industry, the utilities sector, and the food industry.

Steel performance

BEMA’s product range was extended to include process equipment when BEMA acquired the Ferreo company, now an integral part of BEMA’s large modern production plant.

The production process is laid down by a system originally known as Steel Performance, consisting of six steps: know-how, risk management, quality assurance, specification, process optimisation, and production flow.


BEMA manages the entire process of stainless-steel process equipment. From development and production to installation and testing. We exploit our long-standing and in-depth experience in state-of-the-art stainless-steel production to ensure that our customers get the finest quality, the lowest risk factor, and optimal control of the whole process from planning to product.

BEMA is fully qualified to handle the complex production of stainless steel. The work is carried out in a special environment where stainless steel is kept entirely separate from carbon steel.

Risk management

BEMA considers it vital to ensure that all projects are implemented with as low a risk as possible, avoiding errors. This is done by advanced planning, monitoring and control, all of it based on well-defined milestones, giving customers proper insight into both the process and the production. We involve all actors as required: users, customers, suppliers, and other project actors.

Quality assurance

BEMA wants to deliver the highest quality possible relative to what has been agreed. Consequently, we focus on deviation control and optimisation of the project environment. Meticulous planning facilitates adaptation of production and time control relative to individual projects, their extent, and complexity.

Stainless-steel process equipment ready for shipment after thorough quality checks.


BEMA has particular focus on specifications, costs, products, and quality when implementing a project. This includes balancing expectations with the customer, which is key to a successful project.

Process optimisation

BEMA is constantly defining goals to improve turnaround times, reduce time consumption, and reduce energy consumption – needless to say, without compromising quality control.

Production flow

BEMA is constantly optimising resource consumption and production flow and the enhanced efficiency will benefit customers. The outcome is that we are able to offer the best prices for process equipment relative to the need and desire for quality.

Does BEMA offer consultancy?

BEMA has many years of experience in project planning, designing, planning, and producing process equipment. BEMA has its own project department, staffed by highly specialised engineers who are on hand to offer advice to customers prior to project start-up, during the ideas phase, the production phase, and when adjusting the stainless-steel process equipment. In many cases, BEMA offers test set-ups of process equipment either at the customer’s location or at the BEMA factory, so that the commissioning can take place smoothly and without a hitch.

Our experience in the field of process equipment means that we can guarantee the optimal equipment for the price. Many years in this field of business has made BEMA a reliable partner and a solution delivered by BEMA is therefore a safe and long-term solution.

Contact our sales department to make an appointment, arrange a meeting, or get advice about anything concerning process equipment and the other product areas: augers, screw-conveyor flights, screw conveying, and screw conveyors as well as ACTA.