Segmented screw flights

Screw flights are the core of all our conveyor solutions and we have, over many years, acquired solid expertise in the production of these, including conical screw flights. Screw flights are produced by cold-forming, ensuring reliable, accurate, and maximum strength relative to the task in hand.

We have developed a proven production technology, enabling us to produce screw flights capable of compensating for deviations between theoretical models and the actual product. Deviations occurring because various steel types have different levels of ductility and resilience.


Screw flights

Ordinary screw-conveyor flights for all kinds of conveyance, compacting, dosage, etc.

Screw flights are produced by cold-forming, ensuring a reliable, accurate result with maximum strength relative to the choice of material and the specific usage of the screw flight. We have developed a proven production technology, enabling us to produce screw flights capable of compensating for deviations between theoretical models and the actual product. Deviations occurring because the various steel types have different levels of ductility and resilience.

What are standard screw conveyor flights used for?

Ordinary standard flights are used in all types of conveying, compacting or pressing, dosing or metering, or other tasks in the primary industry, agricultural and processing industries. Standard flights can be produced in various steel types and in dimensions ranging from small screw flight segments to large-dimension screw conveyors for conveying huge quantities of bulk material.

Screw conveyor flights can be produced with various pitches. Large-pitch flights are e.g. used for mixers and lighter media and their capacity is high.

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    Large pitch

    Large pitches is among other things a specialty at BEMA


    Bema A/S’s specialties include conical flights.
    Conical flights are generally used to control the pressure/filling in the feed screw.
    Also made with progressive pitces.

    Conical screw flights – interior and exterior

    BEMA is specialised in the sizing and production of conical screw flights. Conical screw flights with interior flights are used to control the pressure and the screw-conveyor infeed, so that the material is conveyed correctly in terms of the process. Conical flights with exterior flights are typically used where a medium needs to be compacted or pressed in the screw conveyor whose exterior tube is tapered in tandem with the material being pressed forward. Conical exterior screw conveyor flights can thus be used for compacting or pressing raw materials, dewatering, or similar. Moreover, the flights are produced with a progressive pitch, so that the process is intensified and the flow controlled optimally throughout the process.


    Shaftless uses include:
    Fatty and sticky media such as in cleaning systems and similar.

    Why pressed shaftless flights and not rolled ones?
    Unlike rolled flights, shaftless and pressed flights have the advantage that they have the same material thickness in the inner and outer diameters, giving better durability and strength.

    When to use shaftless screw flights?

    BEMA produces shaftless screw conveyor flights in cold-formed steel. Cold-formed screw flights are more durable and stronger than hot-rolled flights. Hot-rolled flights might be preferable if a large number of flights are required in a standard application, as this will often be a more economical option.

    Shaftless flights are e.g. used for sticky and oily media, such as might exist at wastewater treatment plants, in the feedstuffs industry, food industry, and similar. Furthermore, shaftless screw conveyors are used for conveying wood pellets to stokers as well as moving other large-grained granulates. Shaftless flights are resilient to some extent.

    Wear plates

    Wear plates welded on to ordinary screws, e.g. Hardox 450, Creusabro 4800 or Hardox 500, make the feed screw particularly durable. The plate is tailor-made to customer specifications.
    The wear plate is welded on to that part of the flight where wear is greatest. It is easy to replace the wear plate later as a spare part.

    Wear flights

    BEMA specialises in the production of wear flights. Wear flights are produced in HARDOX 450 or HARDOX 500 steel grades, making the screw conveyor extremely durable. The wear flights are designed according to customer specifications. Wear flights are welded on to the part of the flight most exposed to wear. Later, it is easy to replace the wear flights; they are a standard product in our spare parts range and we undertake to stock these flight segments.

    Wear flights are used for highly abrasive media, e.g. combined heat- and power plants (CHP plants), for raw materials, and similar.

    Twisted angle

    Backwardly directed flights are often used in situations where the medium must be able to “glide” easily over the flight and thus lower the aggressiveness in the transport.

    What are rear-facing flights used for?

    Screw conveyors with rear-facing flights are typically used for media requiring ’gentle’ transport. When the flights are rear-facing, the material will pass easily through them and the medium will be conveyed less aggressively and with more care.

    Outer cutting

    What are screw flights with inner or outer notches used for?

    Our screw flights are available with inner or outer notches. Inner notches are also known as helical or helicoid notches. Inner notches are often used for conical screw conveyors and for materials that require stirring.

    Outer notches are used when the process requires that the material is crushed, cut, kneaded, or mixed.

    Inner cutting

    Internal slotting is called Helise slotting. Often used on conical flights where stirring is a requirement.


    Contact Lars Rask Lambertsen and find out more about BEMA’s solutions for screw flights.


    Lars Rask Lambertsen


    Screw conveyor flights in different materials and designs

    BEMA is an expert in screw conveyor flights and screw augers or rotors with a long and proven experience in the production of all types of screw conveyor flights. Flights form part of all conveying solutions and are an essential part of screw augers. We supply component flights and screw flight segments as well as complete solutions where screw conveyor flights form part of a total solution.

    Flights for screw conveyors are produced by cold-forming. This results in a reliable and accurate end product, including extremely robust screw conveyor flights specially designed to perform unique tasks. BEMA’s production technology and highly specialised engineers are able to produce flights that precisely match customer needs. The production of screw conveyor flights requires a good deal of insight and knowledge, since the ductility and resilience vary in different types of steel. BEMA is a proven expert in screw conveyor flights for all industrial sectors.

    Our experience in the production of screw flights assures you of reasonable prices. Furthermore, many years of work in this field makes BEMA a reliable partner, and a solution from BEMA will therefore be a secure and long-term solution. Besides screw conveyor flights, BEMA supplies screw augers and industrial process equipment as well as crushers/shredders and bale openers in the ACTA range.

    Which industries use screw-flight segments?

    BEMA produces many different types of screw conveyor flights for a wide range of industries. The specific type of flights required will depend on both the industry and the material to be conveyed.

    To give examples, BEMA produces screw conveyor flights for the food industry, screw conveyor flights for CHP plants, and screw conveyor flights for utility companies. Furthermore, BEMA supplies screw conveyor flights for agriculture, screw conveyor flights for primary industry, and screw conveyor flights for the plastics industry, as well as screw conveyor flights for fluidisable materials, powders, and granulates. Generally speaking, screw conveyor flights are used in numerous industrial areas: wind turbines, offshore, the fish-processing industry and bulk industries, wastewater treatment plants, engineering industries, and cleaning systems.

    What are the different types of screw-conveyor flights?

    BEMA produces many different types of specialised screw conveyor flights: standard pitch, high-pitch, conical screw flights, shaftless flights, wear flights, rear-facing flights, flights with notches on the inside and outside.

    Which materials are suited to screw-conveyor transport?

    Each flight type serves a unique purpose and is suited to convey different types of material, compacting or pressing, cutting, breaking-up, kneading, and mixing materials and ingredients. One could say that screw conveyor flights are used for conveying, mixing, and kneading all types of material in granulate or powder form, or in smaller constituent parts, as well as in various degrees of liquid consistencies. Screw conveyor flights convey all types of fluidised materials from water and other fluids to material with a thicker consistency. Additionally, there are screw conveyor flights suited to food and other ingredients.

    Which screw conveyor flight services can BEMA offer?

    BEMA has decades of experience in sizing and producing multi-purpose screw conveyor flights. We produce both standard and special-purpose flights. We supply complete screw conveyor solutions and screw conveyor component parts, continuous screw flights and segmented screw flights in order to meet all requirements customers might have concerning screw conveyor flights and flight solutions.

    Based on customer specifications, we produce the screw conveyor flights best suited to specific customer needs. Screw conveyor flights form the core of all conveying activities in an enterprise. Whether to use standard or special flights will depend on the concrete task the screw conveyor is expected to perform. BEMA produces conical flights, notched flights, left-hand or right-hand screw conveyor flights, helical flights, or paddle flights. Screw conveyor flights can be designed to solve all types of tasks from simple conveying of a medium to processing, mixing, mincing, or cutting raw materials. A screw conveyor solution can also be hooked up to other functions. In this way, screw conveyor flights can form part of a complete process including conveying, mixing, boiling, or cooling the material.

    Should I choose right-hand or left-hand screw conveyor flights?

    A screw conveyor can be right-hand or left-hand. BEMA produces both right-hand and left-hand flights. For a new installation, the direction of the screw is immaterial. You just reverse the motor to ensure that the screw conveyor works in the direction required for the specific application. When replacing old screw conveyors, you need to specify the screw direction in order to ensure that you reorder the correct flights. Check with a drill bit in an ordinary power drill. If the screw flight moves in the same direction as the drill bit, it is a right-hand screw flight.

    BEMA offers consultancy and everything from component parts to customised solutions

    BEMA has many years of experience in supplying screw conveyor flights: component parts as well as segments and total solutions. Our project department designs and develops solutions in collaboration with customers. Often, there will be an opportunity for a test set-up and on-site testing before a solution is finally installed.

    Contact BEMA’s sales department for appointments, meetings, or consultancy on any subject concerning screw conveyor flights, flight segments, and total solutions.

    See some of our solutions for screw conveyor flights here.