BEMA newsletter, April 2021

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ACTA intensifies focus on recycling

ACTA is our line of bale openers and crushers and its relevance has increased in recent years. The recycling of materials is now top of the agenda in all parts of the economy worldwide, meaning that we, to a large extent, can avoid using virgin resources.

Bale openers are e.g. used for baled-up paper and cardboard, PET bottles, or other types of plastic destined for recycling. Crushers can be used for gypsum, waste wood, mineral wool, and household waste.

This newsletter details a customised solution for an opener of baled-up paper capable of handling
exposure to heavy stress factors while at the same time fitting into a specific factory layout. See the
solution here: solution no. 31253.

Summer is coming…

Summer is approaching and, hopefully, everyone is heading for some degree of normalisation. We look forward to, once again, arranging face-to-face meetings with customers and suppliers, but do not doubt that virtual meetings will continue to some extent – they have proved a rational gain for everyone concerned and match current thinking on reducing environmental impact!

BEMA A/S recently supplied a bale opener for opening large bales of compressed paper and cardboard. The bale opener must be capable of handling the extreme stress loads sustained when the heavy bales are dumped into it by a belt conveyor. This bale opener replaces an earlier ACTA model installed in 1993; its 28 years of working life proving that ACTA is built to last.

ACTA bale openers are used for opening the bales of paper, loosening the tightly compressed content arriving from recycling stations, enterprises, etc. The loosened paper pass through the machines’ outlet for further processing, typically in large pulp tanks where it is dissolved into a sticky mass used to produce new paper. In this way, ACTA bale openers are the first and very important link in the process of producing new paper from recycled materials.

This solution was produced in close collaboration with the customer, who had specific needs for the machine’s outlet side. Further, the factory layout had to be considered: some large iron beams had been embedded into the floor and these could not be removed.

BEMA A/S ended up supplying a complete turnkey solution including design, construction, and control system design. It was installed through the roof of the factory.

Special features of this machine:

  • Robust set-up – heavy duty
  • Hydraulic port mounted on outlet side
  • Manual control panel for hydraulic port
  • Extended filler hopper with inspection door and safety switch
  • Complete electric control panel supplied with the machine

Contact Ronni Laursen, head of sales for this product line.

Components for standard and customised solutions

BEMA A/S specialises in the production of screw conveyors with flights in Hardox material. We produce flights of steel sheeting with factorymade hard-coating; the hard-coating is applied at our factory to prolong the lifespan of the screw conveyors.

We supply both customised solutions and standard components. We make sure that the product documentation is always up-dated, which means that we are able to supply conveyor screws suited to your specific equipment on a current basis.

Recently, we supplied two approximately tenmetre- long conical screw conveyors for biomass transportation. Biomass is highly abrasive requiring the screw conveyors to be hard-coated in order to prolong their lifespan. Further, the shaft is self-supporting with no contact between the screw conveyor and the housing.

For more details, see – solution no. 29603.

Or contact our sales department for more information.

New man on the ACTA product line at BEMA A/S

Ronni Laursen has been made head of sales for the entire ACTA product line of bale openers and crushers. Widely experienced within project sales, industrial, and made-to-order production, Ronni has always serviced both national and notably international customers. He always makes a point of being a competent consultant, offering a close and dedicated partnership with our customers. Jointly, BEMA A/S and Ronni Laursen form a strong team, offering an extensive product programme not only in the field of crushers or bale openers, but also in the form of screw conveyors or other processing equipment. Please contact Ronni to learn more about how an ACTA solution could help you.