BEMA newsletter, March 2023


Although BEMA has turned 75 years old, we are still in rapid development. Moreover, we are in continuous need of new employees to fill our teams. That is why we have created a brand new careers page on our website,, in order to teach people about the different positions in our exciting workplace.

BEMA is a special workplace. For one, because our products are unique and something to be proud of. And secondly, because the company is large enough to offer great career opportunities – and yet small enough that we can work in a laid-back atmosphere where we all know and respect each other.

If you want to explore our exciting job opportunities, you should visit Alternatively, if you are not in the job market yourself, perhaps you know someone who would be a good fit for us? We are always looking for interns and apprentices. Not to mention, you do not need an education to be welcome at BEMA, as we offer courses with strong emphasis on instruction and practical learning.

In this newsletter, you will also be introduced to some new and exciting solutions. We have come a long way, both in the food industry as well as recycling!


Parboiled rice is an important product, sold both in retail and to cafes, restaurants and commercial kitchens. As the rice has already been boiled, it requires only brief preparation before it can be served. BEMA has its own role to play in this important process. Recently, we manufactured a so-called “soaking tank”, which is used for parboiling rice.

The solution consists of a large stainless steel tank, inside of which is a screw rotor. First, the tank is filled with boiling water and rice. Then, the rice is boiled to the desired level. The screw rotor is equipped with a set of “paddles”, which are used to stir the rice and keep it moving, to prevent it from burning. The soaking tank is part of a larger solution for one of our customers in the food industry, and a great example of how we are able to manufacture stainless steel products that can be certified to use with food.


There is a global momentum in the recycling industry, and BEMA has their own part to play in the turning of waste into value. As an example, we just delivered ten tube screw conveyors of different lengths and diameters to one of our regular customers, who supplies machinery to recycling companies all over the globe. They will be part of a recycling plant used for breaking down and sorting scrap cables, in order to reuse the valuable materials for new products. To this end, copper, plastic and rubber will be broken down and sorted, after which our tube screw conveyors will move them towards the next step in the process.

This is a partial delivery of a large project. Moreover, the screw conveyors are made to very specific dimensions, based to the materials they are meant to convey. For example, the copper has a higher density than the plastic, which subsequently determines the diameter of the screws – all calculated to achieve a certain degree of capacity and power. The first delivery consists of 7 pieces in Ø245 of different lengths, as well as 1 piece in Ø290 and 2 pieces in Ø165. We have considerable experience with this type of conveyor screw. For instance, we have previously delivered two complete systems to the same customer, which have been installed at two separate factories in England.


We are always proud to talk about our complete conveyor solutions, whether it be on our own or in collaboration with our business partners. However, we should not forget our screw flights, which in reality are the most important part of all our conveyor solutions. For a screw conveyor to be able to carry out its task through long hours of operation with minimal maintenance, the screw flights have to be precisely and perfectly built.

Here at BEMA, we have 75 years of experience in the manufacture of screw flights, and we know the meaning of accuracy and precision – both in relation to the inner and outer dimensions, as well as the calculation of pitch and thickness. It may sound like a matter of course. However, it does represent the core of a good screw conveyor solution, and is everything but simple.

As an example, we recently manufactured a solution with Ø1145 screw flights in 15mm HARDOX for one of our customers. Although the total order was for 7 pieces of right wound and 7 pieces of left wound flights, we had to start with a single initial flight, in order to make sure that it could be made to fit the particular specifications. These are screw flights with a large pitch and material thickness, which places great demands on those making the calculations as well as the operators.

Our construction department manufacture special flights, which are made to fit the given screw rotor. The precision of our flights will save many hours of workshop adjustment during manufacture, thereby reducing costs. That is why we are constantly working to improve our manufacture of screw flights – to ensure an optimal fit when they are welded to the core housing.

One of our specialties are large flights of up to ca. Ø2500 in Hardox and other types of hardened steel. These are sandwich panels, able to meet the requirements for particularly abrasive applications. However, we do also make the smaller ones, if these are more to your liking!