BEMA newsletter, December 2020

Merry christmas – and a happy new year

The end of 2020 is fast approaching and most of you will remember this year as one that turned out to be vastly different from most other years we have experienced. For BEMA, too, it was a very special year where we had to learn to hold virtual meetings with our customers, online sales meetings, and generally find new ways to communicate with our collaboration partners.

Such challenges may also precipitate development and, together with our partners, we have learned how to be close – at a distance. But hopefully 2021 will see a return to a more normal situation where personal contact will once again be possible.

Everyone at BEMA would like to wish all our customers, suppliers, and other collaborative partners a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. See you in 2021!

New loader optimises the process of loading of grain and malt into containers

Malt is a wonderful raw material, not least for our beloved Christmas beer, but to become a beer ingredient, it will need to be transported from the producer to the brewery, and elsewhere, too.

BEMA recently supplied a new loader, optimising capacity as well as the working environment when loading both 20- and 40-foot containers to get the malt to its destination.

The loader comprises a steel frame to which a screw loader is fitted. The equipment is sandblasted and coated. The screw housing is made of 1.4301 best quality stainless steel.

The loader can fill at least three 20-foot containers per hour, corresponding to approx. 100 tons, or 25 tons in 15 minutes. During tests, we managed to fill 4–5 containers. The high capacity is partly due to the output of the screw loader and partly to the loader being mobile on wheels/rails. This makes it highly efficient.

Furthermore, the loader is capable of loading in two lines – this means that a new container can be driven up and made ready while the first is being filled, ensuring a minimum of down time.

The working environment is optimised because the container does not need to be moved during filling. The driver approaches the loader, a bag is fitted to the container, and the container is loaded with the lorry remaining in the same position. Moreover, a simple extraction device fitted to the enclosed conveyor housing ensures a largely dust-free process.

A mobile loader means that and extra 1,100 kg can now be loaded into each container compared to earlier, making the most of each cartage and saving approx. one container in twenty.

The loader is practically automatic, since the counter pressure established by the filling process will prompt the loader to move back in tandem with the container being filled.

The loader is a fine example of a customer-specific BEMA solution where our dedicated engineers have developed unique equipment specially designed to solve the requirements of the customer. If you are facing a special challenge in screw conveying where we can supply the solution, don’t hesitate to phone our sales department on +45 7452 1621.