BEMA newsletter, April 2022

BEMA 75th anniversary

In this newsletter, for once, we’ll direct focus at ourselves. We usually reserve this space to tell you about customers’ successes, but in May, BEMA A/S celebrates 75 years in business – and this is surely worth a mention – and a celebration!

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we would like to invite customers, suppliers, and associates to join us for a reception.

May 6th 2022
from 13-16

We’ll be serving food and drink and look forward to seeing you!

From agriculture to complex industry

It all started in 1947 with belt conveyors for agriculture. After World War II, the many farms up and down the country were being upgraded and automated. The increase in automation meant a rising need for belt conveyors. BEMA quickly became a major supplier of this kind of agricultural equipment and it eventually led to the development of screw conveyors. At the
end of April, we will upload a small jubilee publication to our website, detailing the story of BEMA. This can be downloaded.

Today, BEMA supplies a series of industries and utility companies. We are, for example, approved to supply equipment for Today, BEMA supplies a series of industries and utility companies. We are, for example, approved to supply equipment for the food industry and are ISO 9001 certified.

At present, BEMA supplies component parts and aggregate complex solutions.

In recent years, we have developed the company by acquiring others. The acquisition of Ferreo meant enhanced competences within stainless-steel process equipment. With the acquisition of ACTA, we have entered the market for crushing/shredding, bale opening, etc. with equipment used in both the private and public recycling industry.

All of BEMA’s production facilities, warehousing, sales, and administration are gathered in our 6,700 m² buildings in Haderslev – close to motorway E45. BEMA has a staff of sixty-five and our equipment is in operation across the world.

Sound foundations are essential for a smooth development process. Jørgen Strøm, CEO, says, ’BEMA has a long history and has proved that there is a need for our products and services. This provides an incentive for further developing BEMA A/S. We very much appreciate our collaboration with customers and suppliers and look forward to many more years with focus directed firmly on product development, quality, and excellent service’.

New lighting at BEMA A/S

At present, there is every reason to make an effort to save energy: all forms of energy are undergoing sharp price increases, as you will all be aware, and as a production enterprise, we cannot necessarily pass this bill on to our customers. So, we have to save wherever possible!

At BEMA, we have just exchanged 500 fluorescent light fittings. In their place, we have introduced LED lighting, thus making energy savings of more than 93,000 kWh a year. When we did the calculations, this meant savings in the region of DKK 200,000 per year – now even more with the rising energy prices.

Energy savings are not just a question of money. The climate and the environment also stand to gain when we use less energy and thus emit less CO2 and other harmful substances. Replacing the light fittings will reduce CO2 emissions.

The new LED light also provides a better quality of lighting for our staff. No more extra angle-poise lamps on work desks or in the production and this enhances the working environment.

Production supervisor Bo Lorenzen says, ’It’s becoming increasingly important to customers that we have a an environmentally sound profile. So, we need to consider how we can incorporate energy savings, reduced resource consumption, and similar, into the whole production flow in order to meet the rising expectations placed on our environmental efforts’.

New website makes things easier for you

In early April, we launched our new website Every now and then, your website needs a proper overhaul. We decided to start from scratch with a new design, new structure, with information about products and cases now more visual and intuitive, hopefully making it easier for you to use.

Further, people have been working hard in the wings to make it easier for people to locate BEMA when they enter search words within our field of expertise. This so-called SEO-optimisation will not affect our website users but will make us more visible on search engines such as Google. And this is important, since we, like most enterprises, experience that many contacts and enquiries are initially made via the Internet.

Do visit to see and test the new website. If there’s something you feel is missing or is problematic, please let us know – we’ll rectify it during our ongoing updating of the site.