BEMA newsletter, December 2021

Merry christmas and happy new year

A new year is just round the corner

2021 is coming to a close and everyone at BEMA would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Most people like to be around their families at Christmas time and prepare for the new year and BEMA will therefore be closed for Christmas from December 23rd 2021 to January 2nd 2022, both days inclusive.

Thank you for your patronage in 2021. It has been a busy year and we look forward to continuing our collaboration and exploring new territories along with you.

3D-scannings give accurate measurements

An important basis for installing a solution is to make accurate on-site measurements. Correct measurements and dimensioning help minimise both time-consuming adjustments and added cost, enabling customers to put their new investment to use quickly and efficiently.

BEMA has therefore invested in 3D-technology and we will be bringing a camera along on customer visits. The camera is set up on the site where the new conveying and process equipment will be installed. The camera scans the area and creates a 3D-model of the installation space. Back at the office, our technicians can then incorporate machines and equipment into the model to avoid clashes between the new equipment and existing installations.

The method has proved extremely effective and has saved time on making additional measurements. For the benefit of everyone, we have managed to avoid the adjustments previously necessary because it was impossible to anticipate every detail right from the start.

If you would like to know more about this service, please contact us.

Silo for powder store

We’re now really reaping the benefit from gaining experience in the Ferreo field of business and are increasingly supplying advanced solutions in this area. During the autumn, BEMA has produced a twenty-metre-high powder silo painted in the customer’s signature colours and installed on existing foundations to supplement an active production unit.

The tank is four metres in diameter and produced in ordinary surface-treated steel. The silo is supplied as a complete solution and erected on site.

With Ferreo now being an important part of the BEMA Group, we’re now able to offer customers complete siloand container solutions as well as total conveying solutions complete with various process components. Our interdisciplinary experience means that we can couple our screwconveyor competence and Ferreo’s tank experience, all of it for the maximum benefit of customers.

Please contact us if we can help you with solutions like these.

silo til pulverlager bema
produktion af silo
siloer til pulver maling bema

Components – flights and screw shafts forming part of customers’ value chain

BEMA experiences a rising demand from customers wanting us to supply either flights or screw shafts as part of their value chain. There’s a demand for high-quality standard components which are uniform and meet requirements – time after time.

We work constantly to enhance our knowledge of the wide-ranging demand for these components, so that we can supply our customers with a uniform product matching their value chain.

As an expert in these components, BEMA will be undergoing constant development in order to offer customers components that meet standard requirements, making BEMA a relevant supplier to help customers ensure a smooth production flow and create maximum value.

In recent years, we have specialised in producing screw shafts with flights in Hardox material. We produce flights of steel sheets with hard-surface coating from the factory and we have our own equipment to apply hard-surfacing which will extend the lifetime of screw shafts. For many customers, this has become an important strengthening of their own value chain.

All in all, we supply both special solutions and standard components. If you’re looking for a supplier able to supply uniform screw shafts on a current basis for a plant, we will make the necessary arrangements to update the production documentation to ensure a constant supply of uniform screw shafts, flights, and other components.

Please contact BEMA if you would like to discuss serial production of a specific component – flights or screw shafts.