System for drill cuttings

System for drill cuttings

Screw conveyors for transportion of cuttings:

  • Diameter 350 mm
  • Transportation length 15 m

The swirvel screw can turn 360 degrees to place the outlet in the desired position. The swirvel screw is mounted on a motorised base.

• Housing/through in stainless steel Aisi316/1.4401
• Intermediate bearings supported with HARDY discs (flexible discs to ensure a longer life time of the bearings)
• Screw rotor manufactured with HARDOX flights
• Gearmotors and bearings are painted in Norsok 501 system (Norwegian painting requirements for off-shore components)

Type Turning screw
Diameter 300-499
Media Oil products/cuttings
House Through
Branch Oil industry/Off shore
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