Waste water tank for sludge

Waste water tank for sludge

Extraction of ash-sludge from a power plant

Key points for function

  • Ash-sludge is filled into the tank from the top
  • The ash particles flows to the bottom caused by gravity
  • The sludge is transported above water level by the screw conveyor
  • The water in thank is recycled into the process and expensive cost for treatment in a special cleaning plant avoided

Key points for manufacturing

  • Manufactured in stainless steel - 1.4301
  • The screw rotor is shaft less due to a sticky material
  • The liner material is selected to be applied for this type of application
  • All metal parts acid pickled
  • Complete documentation delivered with the screw conveyor
  • BEMA is responsible for all the design and we deliver a complete function
Type Shaftless screw
Diameter 100-299
Media Sludge/sticky material
House Bin
Branch Powerplants
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Case no.: 23854