Transportsystem for coal and biomass

Transportsystem for coal and biomass

Transportsystem for coal and biomass material:

3 pipe conveyors transport from one silo system to another:

  • Extraction screw in bottom of the silo
  • Transportation/lifting screw
  • Feeding screw into the receiving silo system


All 3 screw conveyor solve a specialised transportation demand


During design, the demand have been solved:

  • Pressure resistance up to 10 barG. FEM analysis of the houses have been performed
  • Gear motor design prepared for frequency control. It is possible to change the mass flow instantly (the gear motors coupled together)
  • Risk analysis of the complete screw system


  • All inlets and outlet manufactured with bolted flanges
  • Service openings (pressure tight) implemented
  • Wear resistant plates in critical areas inside the housing
  • Delivered with slide valves to close the transport system during non-operation

Manufacturing details

  • Manufactured in carbon steel
  • Surface treatment - painted according to customer specifications
  • Screw flights manufactured in Hardox steel
  • Hardfacing applied in wear exposed areas
Type Feeding screw
Diameter 500-799
Media Biomass
House Pipe
Branch Powerplants
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Case no.: 22760