Heating screw

Heating screw

Heating screw:

Key points for function

  • The screw solves two tasks. Transport and heating of cuttings
  • The screw is supplied with a heating jacket. Heating media is hot oil.
  • It is a double screw with flights in intersection to avoid blocking of the sticking material
  • The screw is coated with a special heat resistant coating that can resist temperature up to app. 175°C
  • The two screw rotors is supplied with a gearbox and one driving gear motor

Key points for manufacturing

  • Manufactured in carbon steel
  • The machine is verified according to PED-requirments
  • Painted according to customer specifications
  • Assembled and tested in the workshop before delivery
Type Cooling/heating screw
Diameter 100-299
Media Oil products/cuttings
House Bin
Branch Oil industry/Off shore
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Case no.: 22970