Ash lifting screw

Ash lifting screw

Lifting screw for ash

Key points for function

  • The screw is placed beneath the oven to collect hot ash
  • The screw is water filled and has a double function to collect the cooled ash and transport it to a container on scheduled time intervals
  • The screw replaces the standard known chain conveyor solution
  • The screw solution has reduced the water content in the ash compared to the chain conveyor
  • The screw has only one internal moving part inside the water filled casing - an internal greased sliding bearing

Key points for manufacturing

  • Manufactured in stainless steel - 1.4401/AISI-316
  • Supplied with hatches for easy access to the internal of the tank for easy maintenance
  • All metal parts acid pickled
  • Complete documentation delivered with the screw conveyor
Type Lifting screw
Diameter 100-299
Media Ash
House Bin
Branch Powerplants
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Case no.: 22429