Swing gate bin

Swing gate bin

Swing gate bin for heavy abrasive material


  • The gate is manufactured as a swing gate to avoid material contact with the bearings
  • Wear resistant plate in the bottom to increase the life time
  • Supplied with a filling gauge
  • Easy to maintain mechanical opening/closing mechanism.
  • Encapsulated - no possibility to come into contact with moving parts
  • Ideal for combination with weighing cells. When the gate opens, the media falls out as a batch

Manufacturing details

  • Manufactured in carbon steel
  • Surface treatment - painted according to custromer specifications
  • Manufactured on a frame for easy installation on-site
  • All driving parts are very easy to maintain. Everything can be serviced by normal skilled technicians. No need for specialists!
Type Screw bottom
Diameter 0-99
Media Insulation/abbrasive material
House Bin
Branch Building
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Case no.: 22235